Detoxifying Facial Peel

Concierge Med Spa, with offices in Geneva, Barrington and Long Grove, Illinois, provides Detoxifying Facial Peel treatments throughout the entire Chicago area.

Concierge Medical Spa offer detoxifying facial peels that are perfect for anyone who is feeling tired and worn down.  This non-peel treatment is used to detoxify all skin types and penetrates the pores to dissolve impactions and blackheads, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and remove excess cell debris.

This treatment will replenish your skin as it gets detoxified and will leave your skin hydrated, purified and clear. In addition, this treatment uses all natural ingredients.  Another excellent benefit of this treatment is it can be used on pregnant or lactating women who have had hormonal skin care changes during their pregnancy.

If you are not able to handle micro surfacing, you can use a detoxifying peel as a solo treatment.  If you are able to handle micro surfacing, you may want to combine your peel with a microderm treatment.  Your detoxifying peel will be completely tailored for your specific skin type.  The cocktail of post peel serums are also designed to help enhance and accelerate your results.

Your physician or aesthetician will narrow in on what your most troublesome skin condition(s) are with a skin care treatment plan that has been customized for you.  Additionally, you will also get a recommended skin care program to help you get the skin that you have always dreamed of.  A pre-treatment and post-treatment is recommended to help your skin get the best results.  This will also optimize your results and reduce any complications.

**ALL CHEMICAL PEEL TREATMENTS include an initial free skin care consultation, application of the peel, application of customized corrective serums and a FREE post procedure skin care kit

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