Relaxation Facial

Concierge Med Spa, with offices in Geneva, Barrington and Long Grove, Illinois, provides Relaxation Facial treatments throughout the entire Chicago area.

Concierge Medical Spa offers facials for those looking for a way to pamper themselves and relax.  Relaxation facials have been designed in order to make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed and leave you with fresh and glowing skin.

Relaxation facials consist of a skin analysis and a thorough cleansing of your skin.  If you have any whiteheads or blackheads, they will be extracted.  Massage is incorporated into the facial in order to manipulate your muscles and facial tissue.  A face mask will also be applied that will be targeted to your specific skin type.

Facials are the perfect skin treatment for those who like to be pampered and relaxed.  In addition to feeling refreshed after the treatment, you will also leave with healthy and glowing skin.

Make an appointment with our Relaxation Facial physicians in Chicago, IL, Geneva IL, Barrington IL, Long Grove IL and Lincoln Park today!

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