Signature Teen Facial

Concierge Med Spa, with offices in Geneva, Barrington and Long Grove, Illinois, provides Signature Teen Facial treatments throughout the entire Chicago area.

Concierge Medical Spa offers signature teen facials for our customers.  This skincare treatment has been designed in order to kill bacteria that many teens are suffering from.  This treatment will remove the layers of dead cells in order to repair the skin from acne breakouts.

A signature teen facial will begin with a thorough analysis of the skin in order to determine the best course of treatment.  Next, the skin will be deeply cleansed, steamed, exfoliated and if requested, extractions can be performed.  Afterwards, a facial mask will be applied and the customer will receive a therapeutic massage.

This treatment is a great way to improve the skin of teenagers and start them on the path to having improved skincare habits.

Make an appointment with our Signature Teen Facial physicians in Chicago, IL, Geneva IL, Barrington IL, Long Grove IL and Lincoln Park today!

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