Ultherapy Butt Lift


Concierge Medical Spa introduces our newest advance in the battle against gravity.  Using our state-of-the art Ultherapy treatment, we can now treat the buttocks and upper leg to help “lift” and diminish the appearance of cellulite.  Already in use in Canada, this new approach is perfect for those of you who want to lift and even tone those stubborn regions around your buttocks and thighs.  Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the buttocks and thighs toned, but with Ultherapy, you can typically see results after just one treatment.

Ultherapy uses directed heat to stimulate your collagen in multiple layers to produce a tightening and lifting of the treated areas.  Because we are targeting your own collagen producing cells, natural results can be seen in about 3-6 months.  Since you do not need to have surgery for for this non-invasive treatment, there is no down time afterwards.

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