CoolSculpting is the most popular non-invasive fat reduction treatment. It is easy and effective, lasting only 35-minutes. It is also described as being virtually painless and comfortable. Fat freezing is so popular because it is the best alternative to invasive surgeries such as liposuction. Since its arrival in the body contouring industry, CoolSculpting has only gotten better with its advanced line of CoolSculpting applicators.

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CoolSculpting Applicators | CoolAdvantage Collection

Each CoolSculpting applicator offers benefits for treating the body and eliminating persistent fat cells. The seven CoolSculpting applicators in this collection are designed to contour the body in even the most hard-to-reach area. Their design allows treatment specialists to treat new regions like the submental area to target double chins and turkey necks. The new, improved CoolSculpting applicators also freeze fat more effectively. As a result, the CoolAdvantage collection is more economically efficient and safer. This provides clients with lower treatment prices and a more enjoyable experience.

The CoolAdvantage Collection includes:

  • CoolMini™
  • CoolCurve Advantage™ PLUS
  •  CoolCurve+ Advantage™
  • CoolPetite Advantage™
  • CoolFit Advantage™
  • CoolCore Advantage™
  • PLUS applicators


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CoolSculpting Applicators | In-Depth Look at the CoolAdvantage Line

CoolMini™ Applicator

The CoolMini™ CoolSculpting applicator features revolutionary designs. This handheld device quickly eliminates fat in the double chin area in just 35-minutes. It is one of the smallest applicators but achieves impressive fat reduction. Submental fullness is a standard problem zone for most men and women. With the CoolMini™ applicator, Coolsculpting technicians can target the fat here and reduce embarrassing submental fullness.

CoolCurve Advantage Plus™

The CoolCurve Advantage Plus™ CoolSculpting applicator contours and sculpts the body unlike any other device. With the CoolCurve Advantage, clients easily avoid any bruising or discomfort. It is often used to treat the hips and arms. It also effectively reduces unwanted chest fat on men.

CoolFit Advantage™

The CoolFit Advantage™ Coolsculpting applicator reduces fat in an impressive way. A person struggling with bulging fat deposits in the inner thighs can finally enjoy comfortable, simple fat reduction thanks to this device.

CoolCurve+ Advantage™ Applicator

Petite individuals can have their stubborn fat treated with the new CoolCurve+ Advantage Applicator. This top-rated body contouring tool conforms to the natural curves of the body, targeting bra lines, banana rolls, flanks, and even love handles.

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CoolPetite Advantage™

Women struggle with upper arm fat. This is a common and notorious problem because fat here resists all diet and exercise efforts. Now with the CoolPetite Advantage CoolSculpting applicator, these people can tackle this pesky fat with ease. The new applicator design now treats upper arms, knees, back of the thighs, and other areas.

CoolCore Advantage™

The CoolCore Advantage CoolSculpting applicator lessens stubborn belly fat with ease. It uses the latest fat freezing technology helping sculpt sexy abs and achieve impressive fat reduction in the midsection.

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