CoolSculpting cost is a valid concern most people have when deciding whether the fat freezing procedure is right for them. However, the total cost of CoolSculpting differs according to the parameters of each person’s customized treatment plan.  Read on to learn all the factors that determine how much CoolSculpting costs and ways of saving money on your fat freezing process.

The CoolSculpting Treatment

To understand price amounts, it is essential to know how CoolSculpting works. To start, a single applicator is placed over a bulge. This applicator then sucks subcutaneous fat cells to the surface and freezes them to death with precise cooling temperatures. Depending on the size of the applicator, a treatment session lasts 30 to 90 minutes. One cooling session employing a single applicator makes a single cycle.

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How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

CoolSculpting cost depends on the number of cooling cycles and the type of applicator used during that cooling cycle. Example two cycles would include the love handles, which require an applicator for each side of the flank.

The Shape and Size of the Applicator

CoolSculpting applicators come in different shapes and sizes. Each one provides uniqueness in conforming to various parts of the body allowing for versatility in sculpting impressive physiques. The size and number of applicators used to target certain fat deposits depend on the patient’s body’s shape and size. For instance, cold sculpting the abdomen, for one patient, may require two small applicators. Another person may need one large applicator.

Furthermore, one large applicator combined with one small applicator may be the ideal solution for another individual. During your complimentary consultation with Concierge Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, your CoolSculpting provider will evaluate your body shape in connection with your aesthetic goals and advise you of the best configuration for achieving a stellar physique.

Different sized applicators cost different amounts. A large applicator costs double that of a small applicator. Thus, a single cooling treatment using a large applicator will cost double, compared to a lower price using a single cycle treatment with a small applicator.

In addition, to size, specialty applicators focus solely on certain areas of the body. For example, the CoolMini treats the submental region and is excellent in targeting neck fat and double chins. Since a CoolMini is a specialty, applicators’ price points differ from other applicators.

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How to Save on CoolSculpting Cost?

There are several ways to save on CoolSculpting. Purchasing a treatment package can provide you with substantial savings on prices. CoolSculpting specials are another great way to save on your fat freezing treatment.

New patients of Concierge Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery receive 25% off their fat freezing treatment when they sign up for a complimentary consultation.

Find Out How Much CoolSculpting Will Cost

The best way to find out how much CoolSculpting cost is to schedule a free consultation today. Concierge Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery will go over all costs with you. In accordance with your aesthetic goals and budget, a customized treatment plan will provide the desired solution. Simply fill out the online form or call (312) 255-1495.

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