CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment that reduces fat cells without surgery or a lengthy recovery period. Using the advanced cooling technology known as Cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting exposes stubborn fat cells to a calibrated cooling. The extreme cooling temperature causes the fat cell’s membrane to crystallize, becoming brittle, and rupturing. Once this occurs, the fat cells die and process out of the body as a form of waste.

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CoolSculpting technology was first discovered by two Harvard scientists. These men noticed a rare phenomenon in the cheek fat of children who frequently sucked on popsicles. Due to the extremely cold temperature of the popsicle, these children had less cheek fat.

Using this information, the scientists discovered Cryolipolysis and harvested this technology in the CoolSculpting machine. During treatments, the applicators administer the calibrated cold temperatures and target specific areas on the male body. For example, the cold temperature penetrates deep below the skin, targeting stubborn fat cells.

CoolSculpting treatments for men make it possible to “freeze” a portion of fat cells in common problem zones like their chest, abdomen, thighs, and back. Once the fat cells freeze, their cell membrane ruptures, and the cell dies. Weeks after your treatment, the body initiates an immune response. Your body gathers the disabled cells and removes them from the body as a form of waste.

Men love CoolSculpting before it provides a way to reduce diet and exercise-resistant fat without ever having to take time off for surgery.


CoolSculpting for men before and after pictures show real male clients who achieve phenomenal physical transformations after their treatments. Individual experiences may vary*. However, each male achieves a noticeable fat reduction in problem areas like the chest after being treated by a reputable professional. CoolSculpting is a technique-sensitive treatment. The more experience the provider has, the better the fat reduction results.

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Why the Surge of CoolSculpting for Men?

While both men and women utilize CoolSculpting treatments to target and reduce diet and exercise-resistant fat, typically, men and women differ in their reasonings. When women get fat frozen, many hope to increase their confidence by improving their body’s appearance. CoolSculpting for men, on the other hand, is often scheduled because male clients believe a slimmer, sculpted body offers many competitive advantages in the workplace and helps them be more attractive when dating.

An article in Bloomberg magazine reports that this popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure is “becoming viewed by men as a method of self-enhancement, like eating well, wearing nice clothes, or going to the gym.”                                                                               


CoolSculpting for men treatments improve male physiques by targeting some of the most common problem areas. These include Pseudo Gynecomastia or man boobs, love handles, stomach, thighs, and back.


Pseudogynecomastia is a male condition where the breast or chest area has excessive adipose (fat) tissue behind, around, or under the nipples. This is a genuine problem that many men struggle with daily. Luckily, CoolSculpting can help, but only if you have Pseudo Gynecomastia and not Gynecomastia.


Understanding the difference between Gynecomastia and Pseudo Gynecomastia helps determine if CoolSculpting can help your problem. The main difference between these two conditions is the type of tissue in the breasts, causing them to be enlarged or look feminine. In Gynecomastia, the male chest has excess glandular tissue (possibly some excess fat tissue). The glandular tissue is firmer and more fibrous than regular, fatty tissue. It also does not respond to diet or exercise. Gynecomastia typically occurs when there is an imbalance in hormone levels. If you are unsure what is causing your moobs or man boobs, consult your physician and determine if CoolSculpting for men is an option for your chest.


CoolSculpting’s ability to improve pseudogynecomastia, the medical term for moobs, is supported in several clinical studies. One of the more recent studies in the Journal of Dermatological Surgery. The paper, titled “Cryolipolysis for Targeted Fat Reduction and Improved Appearance of the Enlarged Male Breast” found that 95% of men participating in the study saw visible reductions in fat and improvements in the overall appearance of “breasts,” after only two CoolSculpting treatments. This led researchers to conclude that CoolSculpting provides “a safe, effective, and well-tolerated non-surgical treatment of pseudogynecomastia.”

CoolSculpting on men’s chests allows the technician to target the chest area, reducing a portion of fat cells in this specific area. Unfortunately, since the ability to “spot reduce” fat is a myth, it is hard for men to burn off fat in a particular area—including the chest. Now cool sculpting the chest allows men to target chest fat and sculpt a more firm, attractive male physique to show off.


Another area on the body men struggle with is the stomach. Much like women, some men are genetically more apt to store stubborn fat in their stomach area. No matter how much dieting or exercising they do, they just can’t seem to lose that lower belly pooch.

CoolSculpting for men on the stomach makes it possible to target those fat deposits in the lower stomach, reduce a portion of stubborn fat in that area, and contour a more lean, sculpted midsection. Male CoolSculpting means you can stop spending hours and hours in the gym trying to accomplish that sculpted six pack.


That’s right, women are not the only ones who worry about their love handles. Love handles are actually a common problem area for men. Like the stomach area, the love handles tend to store stubborn fat easily while resisting diet and exercise efforts.

Now CoolSculpting on the love handles makes it easy to reduce fat cells and contour a more sculpted physique using dual contouring or two CoolSculpting machines at once.


CoolSculpting results for men are long-lasting. Unlike traditional weight loss programs or medications that shrink fat cells, Cryolipolysis physically metabolizes fat cells and then excretes them from the body as waste. These cells cannot re-expand once they are removed. And since our bodies stop producing fat cells once we reach adulthood, they can never grow back. They are gone for good. It is important to note that excessive weight gain in surrounding areas could obscure your CoolSculpting results. To ensure you continue enjoying your new lean, sculpted physique, you should continue to diet and exercise.


CoolSculpting treatments are safe and effective for men. This non-surgical fat reduction procedure is praised for its high safety profile and minimal CoolSculpting risks. One clinical study evaluating the safety of CoolSculpting concludes that, “Cryolipolysis is a safe, well-tolerated, and effective treatment method for reduction of subcutaneous fat.” Another study confirms these findings saying, “Cryolipolysis is considered to be both safe and efficient with a high patient satisfaction rate.”

CoolSculpting side effects are also unlikely. However, it is common for men to experience regular symptoms associated with a natural immune response after the cooling cycle is complete. These symptoms include tenderness, redness, numbing, or bruising around the treatment area. Typically, the symptoms go away on their own within days to weeks.


At Concierge Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, everyone should be able to afford body contouring. This is why we offer CoolSculpting in Chicago at one of the most affordable rates in the area. The CoolSculpting treatment differs for everyone, so your price will vary. During your consultation with Concierge Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, you can discuss your body contouring goals and receive a treatment plan cost that fits your budget.

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If you are a man tired of struggling with resistant fat, contact Concierge Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery. We are a premier CoolSculpting provider in Chicago helping both men and women achieve optimal fat reduction with fat freezing. Call us at (630) 273-7257 to schedule your free consultation to learn more or reach out to us online.

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